This issue features fitness guru and creator of the Hourglass Workout, Lyzabeth Lopez.

We sat down with Lyzabeth just before she gave birth to her first child and discussed fitness, wellness, her battle with anorexia and body dysmorphia, being a mom and her plans for the future.

“Being a mom is the most awesome full-time job ever! I feel so happy everyday and literally just want to spend the whole day looking at my baby and playing with him,” Lopez told us, beaming about her new life as a Mom.

But she also took the time to talk about her private pain and past struggles with anorexia, eating disorders and bad body image:

“I was thick and curvy with muscle and this was not an accepted look. The Kate Moss look was all the rage at the time and the look I had was basically just fat or heavy.”

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Also in this issue:

  • An in-depth article on microplastics in your food. A personal story of struggle, sacrifice and surviving abuse by Lyn Veitch.
  • The first issue of our Your Voice section, with 9 amazing female columnists giving you their best advice!
  • And so much more!

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